I'm Tom

Voice Actor and Visionary


I’m a Baltimore Native who lives in the “City of Lost Wages” (Las Vegas). But, I had to get here by way of Munich, Heidelberg, London, Qatar, and about a half dozen other places!!! Sounds like a lot of traveling. Right??! I’m a retired Army Veteran, so I was incredibly lucky to experience many foreign cultures and accents. So you’re probably thinking Army, Huh? Yeah… I was literally Sergeant Slaughter for a loooong time!!! Haha!


Moving around had some distinct advantages. I’ve always had a talent for picking up dialects and accents. Do you need a proper English accent? That’s me! Need a cockney accent from the heart of London? Yep…me again. Working on something that requires a German or a Russian accent? Call Sergeant Slaughter!!! 😊 One of my other “hidden talents” is a plethora of celebrity impersonations that will always bring a humorous side to your commercial. Need John Travolta, Johnny Carson, or Forrest Gump? Call me!


Of course, if you just need a warm, conversational tone….I’m your guy. From energetic, to deep and sexy – I have a broad vocal range that allows me to deliver what you need. From a dark delicious chocolate, to a zippy, high performance sports car – I can sell it for you!